Flashback Friday, Same Title, Different Song 2 Part Special for 4/13 and 4/20, 2018!

Hello Listeners,
Are you familiar with the phrase, great minds think alike? Well, apparently, when coming up with titles for their songs, several artists, had the same idea! And what does this cause? 2, 3, and even in some cases, up to 4, and even 5 songs, with the same title, but the songs are completely different, and done by different artists! Of course, you won’t hear 4 or 5 songs in a row with the same title, I have managed to split up some of the content in between the 2 shows I’ll be doing, as when compiling the list, I compiled a list that would be way longer than one three hour broadcast, but you’ll be amazed, by how many songs you recognize that share titles, and how many songs that perhaps you don’t recognize, but that share a title with a song you know very well, and that’s done by an artist you know as well!

If you don’t know what I mean by what’s going on here, let’s take the title, The Power of Love. There’s a song by Celine Dionn that’s called, The Power of Love, and there’s one by Hewy Louis and the News, also called, The Power of Love. You’ve probably heard both of them, but you don’t think of one when you hear the other, because they’re entirely different songs, with only the title in common. But this is only one title, out of several titles that you’ll come to discover, in this 2-part special, that will take place on the weeks of April 13 and April 20, 2018.

Part 1 will air from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time on the morning of Friday, April 13, 2018, while Part 2, will air from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time on the morning of Friday, April 20, 2018. No requests will be taken, because these are more or less, set playlists, and chances are, once you tune in and see what’s going on, if you should think of any combinations that are Same Title, Different Songs, it’s probably already most likely in my playlist for one of the 2 shows.

If you want to get in touch, and make requests for my show coming up on April 27, which at this time, will be a regular show, here are the ways to find me.
Email or iMessage: djcelrock@theqonline.net
Song Search Request Page: http://www.theqonline.net/djcelrock
Personal Twitter: djcelrock
Station Twitter: theqonline
Station Skype: theqonline
NOTE: You may call into the show and participate as an on-air guest if you’d like.
And finally, if you have me friended on Facebook, Whatsapp and HeyTell, you can get in touch with me via those methods as well.

To listen, please look for The Q Online in such smart phone apps as Tunein and Sero, or use this m3u playlist link, to tune in via your preferred media player of choice. http://www.theqonline.net/stream.m3u

Hope to see you there, and as always, Happy Listening, to The Q Online, Internet radio with variety!

Your Host,
DJ Celrock!

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