DJ T-Money Apologizes

Hello everyone, it’s DJ T-Money here.  I first want to send out an apology to all my listeners as I have not been keeping up with the blog posts here and keep forgetting to do so.  I have done a number of themed shows and have failed to alert you about them.  If you follow me on Facebook through my page “DJ T-Money” or our station page “The Q Online”, then you will see when I am doing themed shows as I create events.  However, it’s good to have them here too as I know that some people read these posts and may not necessarily read the Facebook events.  Please accept this apology, and please check out the archives page, as you will find all my past shows there.  I will include links below for easy access to things I have mentioned.  Stay tuned for future themed shows, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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