Starting July 6, 2018, Flashback Friday, Moves to a new Time!

Hello Listeners,
Boy do I have some exciting news for you! Beginning Friday, July 6, 2018, and going forward, Flashback Friday will be airing at a new time! Friday mornings,
from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time, right before Kelly’s Creative Collage, with Creative Kelly at 1:00 PM Eastern! Not only does this mean, I get
to catch me a few more hours of z’s after boot scoot boogiing down with Tennessee Chad and getting my groove on with Izzy the previous night, but those
of you, itching to listen to my show, won’t have to awaken quite so early anymore, or be disappointed if you awoke, a bit too late to catch it.

My schedule is such, that I can do this time slot, and it will make it a lot more convenient in several ways, such as, if I can’t be here to present a
show, there’s more of a chance I’ll be able to find somebody to cover my time slot, because it won’t be so early in the morning. Everything else about
the show will still remain the same, same host, the wonderful variety of music you love, and so on, just, a little bit later in the day is all.

This coming Friday, will be the final time my show will air at 7:00 AM Eastern, but beginning in July, that will change, so hope to see you listening,
and enjoy, exclusively, on The Q Online, Internet radio with variety!

DJ Celrock!

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