Kelly’s Creative Collage, Places Edition

Hello Listeners,
Looking for some adventure without ever leaving your home? Well Creative Kelly, has the ticket for you! Introducing, the Places Edition, of Kelly’s Creative Collage, which will air on Friday, January 11, 2019, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time, exclusively, on The Q Online, Internet radio with variety. On this special, you can expect to hear songs with places in either the titles and or artists of the tracks. For example, a title might be, “The City of New Orleans,” or “Rocky Mountain Way.” An example of an artist might be, Ohio Players or America.

If you have requests for songs with places in the titles or artists, or wish to get in touch, please use the following contact details.
Song Search Request Page:
Personal Twitter: kstannfield
Station Twitter: theqonline
And you can also reach her on Facebook Messenger, should you have her friended on that platform as well.

To listen to the show, look for The Q Online in such apps as TuneIn Radio, OoTunes, or RS Games, tell your Amazon device, “Play the station, Q Online,” or if all else fails, simply enter into your preferred media player of choice.

Hope you enjoy, and as always, Happy Listening!!! Creative Kelly will see ya there!

DJ Celrock, writing on behalf of Creative Kelly

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