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The station was founded on November 19, 2006, with the first broadcast by the owner (at the time), Douglas Oliver. It was originally owned and operated by Douglas, and managed by himself and Tyrone Whiston. Douglas had to leave due to personal matters in July 2007 and was taken over by Tyrone.

The mission of the station was to provide both blind and sighted persons the ability to share their broadcasting abilities with everyone on the Internet. Today, that mission continues to be true as we are becoming larger and we continue to grow day by day.

There have been many changes here on The Q Online since 2006 including management, website design, servers, hosts and, of course, broadcasters. Below is a list of different positions that have been had and done by management.

Douglas Oliver (2006)

Douglas Oliver (2006-2007)
Tyrone Whiston (2007-present)

Tyrone Whiston (owner) (2007-present)
Brandon Schiafone (financial officer) (2016-2018)
William Case (engineer) (2008-2009)
Ashley Shaw (co-owner) (2008-2009)
Alan Wheeler (production manager) (2008-2009)
Tracy Parker (scheduing) (2008-2009)
Matthew Horspool (production) (2007-2008)
Faisal Ali (tester) (2010-2012)
Eric Tyler (production manager) (2010-2012)
Sarah Greenaway (sighted tester) (2017-2020)
Celeste Wheelock (blind tester) (2017-2020)
Celeste Wheelock (scheduling) (2017-2020)
Sarah Greenaway (production manager) (2018-2020)
Isabel Lindsay (assistant manager) (2018-2020)
Duyahn Walker (blind tester) (2020-2022)
Eric Harms (production manager) (2020-present)
Jerry Jicha (blind tester) (2022-present)

Web Hosting:
Steeltown Webhosting (2007-2008)
Real-Hosts Canada (2008-2011)
Blitz-Hosts (2011-2014)
Hosting24 (2014-2022)
ATAK Consulting (2022-present)

LoudCity (2007-2010)
SWCast (2010-2012)
StreamLicensing (2012-2017)
Live365 (2017-present)



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